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Robing Room Update

Unfortunately, the tradesman who has been carrying out most of the work has contracted very bad bout of Covid-19. We hope he gets well soon and send him all of our warmest regards. Obviously, this has meant delays to the schedule, we will post further updates when we know more.

Suggestions please…?

If anyone has any suggestions (or issues) regarding the Woodstock Masonic Hall please feel free to contact our Superintendent of Works W.Bro. Alan Meech on alan.meech44@gmail.com or 01865-875389.

Remember this Hall is for all of our use and Alan is dedicated to keep progressing the improvements and resolving issues.

Note: This does not include the bar which is Cliff’s domain.

Robing room

Starting on the 18th July the WMH committee have commissioned the renovation of the Robing Room.

New lights have been installed and the existing cupboard will be removed and a new one with cupboards top and bottom and slots in between for our cases.

The room will be redecorated and finally the floor will be sanded and sealed.

It is hoped that this should all be completed by the 26th August.

W.Bro Alan Meech WMH Superintendent of Works

Latest pictures of Hall

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