100 Club

What is it all about?

Previously we had relied on capitation, income from the bar and donations to fund any refurbishment or maintenance to the Masonic Hall.  Unfortunately, this income was insufficient to cover work that needed to be undertaken to update the hall, and a number of fundraising ideas were put forward to boost the funds.  One of these was the introduction of a monthly cash draw open only to brethren who use the hall and their direct families, as this would be a private draw and therefore no gaming licence would be required.  The club started with 100 numbers and monthly prizes of £100, £50 and £25, but we are now up to 150 plus numbers and therefore have been able to increase the number and amount of prizes.

To date the 100 club has donated £45,096 to the Woodstock Masonic Hall, and given out the same amount in prizes.

Members pay £5 per month for each share, payable by standing order only, into the Woodstock Masonic Hall Club bank account – members can purchase as many shares as they wish.  Prize draws take place on a monthly basis with 50% of the yearly total being retained for the hall funds, and the remaining 50% paid out in prizes – the prizes are currently £120, £60, £30 and £20 per month from January to November;  £600, £300, £150 and £75 in December for the Christmas draw and a mid-summer draw with prizes of £200, £100, £50 and £25.

Monthly draws take place at a lodge meeting of either Aelfric, Marlborough or Semper Paratus lodges and an alphabetical list of participants is displayed in the Woodstock Masonic Hall.

A standing order mandate is available – if you wish to join please complete this with your bank details and the amount you wish to pay each month (£5 for one share, £10 for two shares, etc) and return a signed hard copy to the draw administrator as indicated on the form.

The more members we have, the higher the prize fund and the more money we can donate to the hall funds, so please encourage members and their families to take part. 

Woodstock Masonic Hall Fundraising Committee

If you would prefer to set up your own Standing Order/Direct Debit with your Bank please use the details provided below.

Barclays Bank Woodstock Branch

Account:  The Woodstock Masonic Hall Club

Account Number:  33733513         Sort Code:  20-98-48

Add Reference: Your name (so we know it is you)

When you decide how many numbers you want please pay £5 per number on the 1st of the following month (allow 10 days for it to be setup).

So that the draw administrator can allocate your numbers for the correct starting draw please advise by email of exactly when and how much you will be paying each month. To email the administrator click the link below or use this Contact Us link. Thank you and Good Luck 👍

These links are password protected, Members can request the password via email here